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Kandy is highly qualified in several massage techniques and finds the one that will work best for each individual client.She is very compassionate, empathetic and respectful of her clients. I find her to be an excellent listener as well. She is passionate about her work and constantly strives to become better at her profession by taking continuing education courses. I was referred by my chiropractor, but have stayed because I feel I’ve found a person who genuinely cares for each of her clients, mind, body and spirit.
— Lynn Evans, Kansas City 2014
Gail was wonderful ! I had very little pain and swelling in my hands when I got up this morning...I was very excited! My neck and shoulders feel so much more relaxed too....didn’t know I had so much tension. I can’t wait for my next appointment this Thursday!

I’m very grateful Penny recommended you to me!
— Mary Ellen Price
Kandy is not only a trained Massage Therapist; she also is a trained and experienced Registered Nurse.

When combining these two very valuable skills, you have an exceptional therapist that not only understands the need for muscular care, but, as an R.N. understands how other elements of the body impact that muscular structure, such as good diet, pharmaceuticals, stresses of life, etc.

One of Kandy’s strengths is her sensitivity to you as an individual through her relationship with God. I believe she has the true gift of care and compassion. Because of this I believe she senses the needs of caring for pain, whether that be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Having this unique gift allows her to truly tailor your needs as her client to the greatest care and healing possible.

Kandy is very motivated to keep her skills sharp in what is new and beneficial in the area of Massage Therapy. For example, she recently has been learning the skill of Accu-pressure. I have found this to be a significant benefit dealing with my lower back issues. I will not go into detail in this note as to its benefits, but I truly encourage you to contact Kandy and let her explain and demonstrate the benefits of this treatment.
— Marty Edwards
“I’ve been going for monthly massages with Kandy for about 6 months. Her place is clean, comfortable and unpretentious. She is very intuitive and works into sensitive problem areas with strong but gentle hands. I really appreciate how she always works WITH my body instead of giving me a predetermined massage. She chats with me before-hand to get information about my “problem areas” and what i THINK I may need in the session. She can vigorously pound out knots, stretch out sore muscles, or put me into a lovely state of deep relaxation. “Very good hands” on this masseuse - I appreciate her strength and knowledge. (Kandy is a Registered Nurse, also!) I will continue to visit Kandy for massage therapy - and would recommend her to anyone.
— Disa Rice teacher, Platte City 2011
What sets Kandy apart from all other massage therapists/massage businesses is that she is a true professional. She utilizes her medical education to enhance each person’s massage to make sure it is the best treatment for them. The other important trait she has is that she is always learning and seeking out counsel to improve. That is imperative to be successful in any endeavor. She takes very serious her massage business, it is not an after thought or a hobby. Kandy is kind and trustworthy...she is, in some ways, a trusted counselor as clients are not only baring their body to her but their deepest concerns at time and you can be trusted to not share with others.
— Mimi Comfort, Co-Owner Cruise Holidays and Comfort Investments
Kandy Grimes is an excellent massage therapist because she adapts to what you as a client want. Her past years as a nurse are evident both in the strength of her massages and her “client manner” - the calming influence she has including her warmth, listening, and patience! You will immediately and consistently notice that Kandy is approachable, kind hearted, and very sincere. And of course you’ll feel even better every time you leave!
— Jody Cross, Best Selling Author, Leaders Speak
I have been to numerous massage therapists and I have to honestly say Kandy is the best! The very first massage I received was with my Groupon and I thought going into it, I would just come and get the deal and probably not want to make the 25 minute drive back again from Olathe, but she had me hooked after that first massage. I liked the fact that she was an RN so she really knew the human body and how it functions along with muscular structure. Kandy really listens to what bothers me and always delivers the best relief. She has a special touch that is firm but not overpowering. She stays updated on all the new techniques and tries them out on her clients and listens to feedback. She never stops learning and improving herself which is so impressive to me. I never feel rushed in and out of her office like some places I have gone to, but instead feel like she is totally invested in “me” while I am getting a massage. Kandy cares whether people like it quiet or being talked to during a massage. Its always important to me to have quiet time which she honors. There is no skimping when it comes to making my massage a wonderful experience. It is always worth every penny to get a massage by Kandy. I think she has great business sense and has developed a growing business with other therapists working for her and I haven’t ever had better care! Kandy is the best! She has helped me to stay healthy which is her business in a nutshell- Massage FOR WELLNESS!! I look forward to my next experience. Love you!
— Linda Coffey, Olathe, KS
My wife referred me to Kandy Grimes a few months ago because she was tired of hearing me complain about my tight muscles from bicycling. The atmosphere of her massage room was quiet and relaxing. The LAST massage therapist I visited kind of “phoned it in” - and even left during the massage! Kandy gave me every minute of the hour AND then asked me if there was anything else I needed to have worked out. She took time to chat with me pre-massage to ask me about the problem areas I am experiencing. She managed to massage out the tightness in my legs. I will go back again - and probably should get massages more often due to how good I feel when I leave.
— -Scott Rice Corporate Manager, Platte City