Our Vision

Vision, Mission and Values

At Massage for Wellness you will find we make a true attempt to live out each day according to our vision, mission and values. We believe we can make a difference with each and every client and each and every touch. We appreciate the opportunity to use massage to relax, and /or heal. 


At Massage For Wellness, we are a welcoming place where people love to be, look forward to coming back, and feel they consistently receive what they specifically need.

Our Mission

At Massage For Wellness,  we make a difference by bringing peace and connection to every person we touch. 

Our Values 

You care for yourself (or others) by letting us care for you (or them).
We genuinely care about people, are real with each other and appreciate kindness. 
We treat others with warmth, a gentle spirit, and listen without judgment. So they can be entirely at ease.
We don’t rush. We take time to honor our relationships and your experience. 
People trust us with their body, emotions, and confidences and we don’t take that lightly.