Essential Oils have health benefits

Essential oils are the lifeblood of a plant. They are in plants to protect it from predators and disease. A concentrated essential oil can have the same powerful health benefits for us.

A claim is not being made that they are for medical purposes but essential oils do have many benefits that can assist and support the body. Synthetically produced essential oils do not have the same health benefits as pure essential oils. Be warned that when attempting to purchase a bottle of essential oils on the consumer market, a bottle may have packaging indicating it is “pure” when in fact it may only contain 2 drops of pure essential oils. Massage therapists who work with essential oils can tell the difference right away from a pure essential oil and other bottles claiming to be pure.

As a professional massage therapist committed to using essential oils to assist and support her client’s bodies, Kandy has tried ‘many, many’ brands of oils. After her extensive search, she has found a couple of brands that she consistently uses and trusts to use with her clients.

How essential oils work in the body  

The sesquiterpenes (which delete bad information in cellular memory and are known to have antiviral, antibacterial, anti -inflammatory, antispasmodic, calming and soothing to the nervous system properties) in essential oils cross the blood barrier when inhaled and travel through your olfactory nerves to affect the limbic system and the brain, which is where you hold your emotions. As a person could have happy memories of a relative or a friend and are reminded of those feelings when looking at a photo of that person, Essential oils can work much the same way when smelled, bringing up memories and emotions. As a massage therapist, Kandy uses them as tools to help clients feel good and feel better.  Some of her favorite essential oils to use are:

  • Peppermint- headaches, relieve a stuffy nose, lessen pain and inflammation, cooling, energy

  • Lavender- general relaxation (and liked by most clients), lessens pain and inflammation.

  • Lemongrass- muscle and tendon issues, calming, digestion

  • Marjoram- muscle support, emotional support

  • Frankincense- emotional Support and skin health

  • Thyme- cleansing, immune support

  • Wintergreen- emotional support sore muscles and joints

As a health professional, Kandy is the first to say these oils are not a cure all, but she also knows that she has incorporated them long enough into her massage practice to know they help. If you break an arm, you need to see your doctor. If you have cancer, you need to see a doctor. And when you want a massage to help ease some emotional or physical pain or you just want to feel good, essential oils are an excellent tool that Kandy uses in her massage practice. If a client prefers not to have them incorporated into a massage, Kandy will not use them. She knows that the smell of the oils aids in the entire experience of a good massage.

For many of her clients, Kandy is creating an experience. She does have many clients that use massage to alleviate physical pains such as whiplash or headaches, but the goal of many of her clients is to feel better emotionally. It smells good, it feels good, it is safe.

The Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique is a massage that focuses on essential oils as a way to boost the immune system and support the body’s efforts in healing and relaxation. This technique is not a full body massage but it is a process where essential oils are massaged into the feet and back. They enter the nervous system through the feet where there is an abundance of nerves and pressure points that correspond to various organs in the body. Specifically chosen oils are added in a specific order in a specific process to encourage the body’s natural immune system. Oils are rubbed into the feet then the back along the spine. The technique lasts about an hour. There have been studies indicating this technique can help scoliosis, and while making no claims about the healing effects of the Raindrop Technique for scoliosis, it certainly cannot hurt to try. She adds that if someone wanted to investigate the Raindrop Technique as a support to the body she would gladly assist her client with this.

Clients have had the Raindrop Technique when feeling the first signs of a cold or illness coming on, or when taking a trip on an airplane. (Many people are aware that a number of potential germs and bacteria exist inside an airplane). The Raindrop Technique can help support your body”s immune system, keeping you healthy for your trip.

Everything Kandy does is on purpose. Everything she does has a point. Every element of her massage is designed to assist her clients with their physical, emotional or spiritual wellness, depending on the person. She believes her job is “to do no harm” and all details are designed to do just that.

She recognizes that the massage chains can give a massage to a client and they will leave feeling better, but her goal is to deliver more than just a massage. Her purpose is to improve your health and well-being. You get something more from a massage at Massage for Wellness. If you prefer to shop at a boutique and have that kind of experience over a Walmart experience, then Massage for Wellness is the best place for you.