Energy Practice

Energy Practice

Energy Practices are a unique form of energy work developed by Joey Klein. Blending ancient healing practices from Asia, India and Europe with energy physiology, this modality is designed to create a state of profound well-being by integrating mind, body, emotion and spirit.

The energetic nature of the body is the foundation of health and happiness.

In order to create a greater sense of peace and well-being, Conscious Transformation Energy Sessions balance the mind, body and emotional energies, which bring clarity, peace and purpose to our daily lives.

What To Expect From an Energy Practice Session

During your session, you will be asked to lie on your back on a massage table. Once you are comfortable, your practitioner will invite you to simply relax, close your eyes and receive.

Some benefits of Conscious Transformation Energy Sessions include:

  • Alleviating stress and anxiety

  • Revitalizing the body

  • Expanding states of peace

  • Enhancing meditation practices

  • Deepening spiritual connection

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