Massage for Wellness is Dedicated to your health and well-being

At Massage For Wellness you will find we are dedicated to you and your health and wellness.  In a warm, comfortable and safe place, you will find relief from the everyday stresses life can bring. We are a team of passionate, nurturing, and skilled therapists, led by Kandy Grimes, a Registered Nurse as well as Licensed Massage Therapist, who listen and create a plan of care specifically for your body's needs. Whether you are recovering from an injury, suffering a headache, battling depression and anxiety, preparing to have a baby, or just plain old stressed out, we have the massage type for you.  You will enjoy the peaceful and private atmosphere of our unique space and we promise you will leave feeling much better than when you came.  

Massage for Wellness serves the Kansas City, MO and Atchison, KS. See our map on the Contact Us Page.

For any questions about Massage or to book an appointment, please call or text (816) 682-0164. 


Benefits of Massage


With relaxation comes mental clarity. You can make decisions better. You can reduce your anxiety. When you have anxiety, you don’t make decisions through a lens of love you see life through stress and anxiety. When you live in that lens, you live life and make decisions from fear. Massage won’t turn your life into love and joy but it is a step in the right direction.

A relaxed body lowers your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. A relaxed body increases blood flow to the cells in your body which promotes healing. When all the fluids in your body are moving, healing takes place.

Human Touch-

Did you know your skin is the largest organ of your body with the most opportunities for stimulus to your brain? Unfortunately, we lack being touched in our society. We do not hug or touch one another very much and we tend to be very busy.  Kandy believes we were created to touch and be in community with one another, to be there for one another.  Some people go days or weeks without ever being touched by another human being. Human touch increases endorphins and oxytocin which helps us to feel good. When we feel good we are happier and we tend to see the world in a much different way. Our problems don’t go away but we are able to deal with them more effectively. One massage a week won’t change your life, but you learn what it feels like to “feel good.” It can all start with knowing what feeling good can feel like.


Massage can help alleviate depression and anxiety.  There are many studies that indicate massage as a benefit for fibromyalgia, whiplash, headaches, etc. Massage is not a miracle cure but it can help lessen the pain of many physical issues.

Decrease Stress-

Seventy-five to ninety percent of all doctor visits are stress related.  Although there are factors that influence a person’s ability to tolerate stress, chronic stress has been shown to increase the risk of infection, asthma, diabetes, ulcers, psychiatric issues, depression and other physical and emotional issues.  Stress doesn’t always come from an obvious reason, like the loss or a loved one or a job. Stress can come from a seemingly smaller change in life, like a graduation, or a wedding. Change can be stressful. We like to be in homeostasis, the even place in our life. We thrive in this place. Like a garden, when seeds are planted in nutrient rich soil, and it is watered and cared for a healthy strong plant will emerge. Massage is like that water or care, as it helps your body help itself to emerge into a strong healthy human being.


People sleep better when they have regular massages.

Why Kandy became a Massage Therapist

Honestly, she was a nurse and she was stressed and burned out. She was pushing pills because that was what the doctors indicated for patient health but her heart was telling her that pills were not the answer. She was looking for something more. On her way to work she heard about a massage school, applied, graduated and never looked back. She feels it was divine intervention. That is was the right thing for her to do. When she first became a nurse she was taught that people were mental, emotional, physical and spiritual beings and that they should be treated as such. As nurses, we were encouraged to touch people. There were lots of times when I would give a patient a back rub. And I don’t think they do that anymore. People got better because we really cared for them. We just didn’t hand them a pill at 5:00.

Massage is becoming more available in hospitals as medical professionals understand that massage helps decrease pain.

What makes Kandy unique?

Kandy is always looking for things that will help her clients become healthy and reduce their stress. That’s why she uses tools like Essential oils or Brain Tap. Massage is very personal to her. When she has a client, she wants him/her to relax and she uses tools, like essential oils, as another way to induce relaxation. Brain Tap uses light and sound technology as a form of meditation to relax brain waves to go into a meditative state. She also uses music to relax. Kandy and her team may not be a perfect fit for everyone, but her goal is to create an environment where you are completely comfortable and relaxed and safe and cared for.

In the beginning, Kandy said she never realized how her nursing background would come into play as a massage therapist but it does. She trains the other therapists who work with her the same way.   

From Kandy Grimes

What I like best about what I do?

I make people feel good. And in this world, we need that- don’t we? I love giving a massage as much as the person likes getting it. With every single massage I give, that is my hope and that is my intention, that they feel better when they leave than they did before they came in.